How to calm your child on a plane

photo How to calm your child on a plane

Flying with toddlers can be a difficult experience especially if your child is not used to traveling. You may have seen kids who behave frantically in front of other people. In some situations, toddlers and young kids cry uncontrollably even though you stuff them with their favorite snacks, or try to soothe them with their favorite toys.

The matter is even worse when it happens on a plane. Staring eyes will somehow send a message to you saying that you ought to calm your child as soon as possible. And it is even worse when your angry child starts to kick the passenger seat in front of you, which is so embarrassing.

However, you don't know what to do. Read and get some practical hints about how to soothe your child aboard an aircraft with the online travel agency eDreams.

Children have a short attention span

Children's attention span is very short. As a result, it is recommended that you plan various activities to keep your child happy during the flight. In fact, researchers say that younger children have a limited attention span.

Several factors prevent them from staying focused for more than 15 minutes. These include hunger, background noise, and feeling uncomfortable about their situation. Children cannot stay focused on their activities unless they feel relaxed and motivated.

Hints to soothe your child aboard

For a very young child games and entertaining toys are the best ways to keep them calm during the flight. 

  • Bring some toys. Is it advisable to bring three or four different toys in case it is difficult for you to manage your child. There are many lightweight toys you can buy from the Chinese shopping mall, and you can put them in your child's carry-on luggage. 
  • Bring some games. Young children may find electronic games fascinating but not for a long time. As a result, you should look for interesting board games to play with your child on the plane.

For a younger child, you have more to keep them busy and entertained on board. 

  • Be ready with many entertaining activities to play with your child aboard the airplane. Before your flight, it is important to buy a child activity book from a stationery store or a shopping mall. This can include sticker book, puzzle book, a jungle book, a coloring book, and the like. 
  • Bring a book. Your child will be fascinated if you surprise them with a book which corresponds to their age. You can find a good book in your local bookstore before the departure day. Good readers for kids include cartoons, princess stories, Harry Potter, or adventure stories.

Traveling with a professional

For the most convenient flight with your child, find a carrier on eDreams, which is an online travel agency. You can offer the best deal for an enjoyable trip for you and your family.

You can also book by phone by calling the travel agency's number on the website. With the shortest flight to your destination, your child will be annoyed less. Search for a suitable flight and book online now.